A musician recreates “O Saki Saki” on a violin

Music can cross borders and reach millions of hearts. With the advent of social media, the sky is the limit for independent artists who can showcase their talent across multiple platforms for a wide range of audiences.

One Of These Videos Of An Artist Going Viral Who Created A Hollywood Version Of A Popular Bollywood Song, and not just a blanket. He played the song entirely on a violin and netizens can’t get enough of it.

A musician recreates ‘O Saki Saki’ on the violin

If you’re feeling the blues, music can be a good outlet. While we’re talking about that, a video of a boy playing the violin is just the right choice. In the video, which is going viral, the musician recreated the famous Bollywood song “O Saki Saki” as the soundtrack to a Hollywood movie. The results were absolutely amazing and netizens are totally in love with it.

The viral video was posted by Joel Sunny on Instagram, a musician from Sydney, Australia. The video is the result of a fan’s request to create something with a Bollywood song. The video begins with him playing “O Saki Saki” by Neha Kakkar on the violin. He then adds his own twist to the song with the violin and creates a haunting Hollywood soundtrack. If you are a music lover, you can’t help but fall in love with video.

People couldn’t get enough of the clip

Needless to say, the beautiful video went viral soon after it was posted. Currently, the video has over 900,000 views with lots of comments and likes from people enjoying Sunny’s music and talent. A lady confessed that she got goosebumps seeing the video and also requested a full version of the same track. She wrote, “A few seconds and I got goosebumps. Can we get a full version of this pleaseeeee.”

o saki saki on violin
Screenshot Instagram @joelsvnny

Another lady suggested she could totally see it in a web series. She wrote: “I can definitely see that in Bridgerton.” another lady wrote, “I was waiting for you to do an Indian song…I’m so glad you did this…”

oh saki saki
Screenshot Instagram @joelsvnny

One Page commented on the video and wrote, “It feels like the climax of an emotional Bollywood movie scene.” Another lady added: “you do magic”. A man also asked: “Keep this Bollywood series in Hollywood going.”

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