Amber Heard confronted Johnny Depp for letting an older musician Lily-Rose had a crush on spend the night

Amber Heard testified Thursday, May 5, that she felt “protective” of Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose, and confronted him about his questionable parenting, which included leaving an older musician unidentified which the teenager had a crush on staying home and exposing it. to marijuana at a young age.

Heard, 36, said she felt protective of Lily-Rose, who is now an actress, and argued with Depp when he let an unidentified music star stay with his teenage daughter . Heard insisted the star was over 18 and Lily-Rose was underage when the incident happened. Heard testified in court: “This argument arose because I disagreed with the fact that this gentleman – a famous musician over the age of 18 – spent the night at the house and I felt protective of Lily-Rose and worried and naturally they weren’t my kids, that’s not my place and I understand that, I know it’s a sensitive topic so I understand why Johnny got so upset against me.”


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“I started to feel very protective. Johnny’s sobriety meant he was there and then he wasn’t,” Amber said of Jhonny Depp’s relationship with daughter Lily-Rose (Twitter )

She added that she often felt protective of Lily-Rose. According to the ‘Aquaman 2’ actress, Johnny introduced Lily-Rose, now 22, to marijuana when she was 14. She said: “I started to feel very protective. Johnny’s sobriety meant he was there and then he was gone,” she said. “The nature of our lives with travel and work meant he was there and then he was ‘t.”

She added, “She was so young, I just felt protective.” “I made him really angry weighing in on it,” she said. Heard also opened up about taking Lily-Rose out for dinner on her 15th birthday, after seeing a Depp doing a bender. She and Depp in May 2014 had decided to return to Los Angeles for Lily-Rose’s birthday. At the time, Heard was filming “The Adderall Diaries,” a movie starring James Franco, in New York. Depp had even falsely accused her of having a relationship with him.

She said that as the two flew back to Los Angeles together on a private plane, an inebriated Depp made rude remarks about her body. She claims the actor’s harassment escalated to the point where he slapped her in front of everyone on the plane and threw her to the ground. Fearing for herself, she checked herself into a hotel room without Depp. Later, she took Lily-Rose to dinner at a Benihana without Depp. “Johnny was sick after passing out on the plane, so I took her to dinner, we went to Benihana,” Heard said. “I smiled, pulled her out, tried to make her feel loved and celebrated on her birthday.”

Depp spoke about the plane incident in court, saying he only drank a glass of champagne on boarding and passed out from medication he was taking while on board. ‘era.

Heard broke down on the stand earlier on Thursday, May 5, as she revealed how Depp sexually assaulted her with a bottle of alcohol. According to the actress, the alleged attack happened in March 2015 in Australia, while he was filming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ at their rented home. It was the same event that resulted in the amputation of Depp’s finger. He said Heard smashed it with a liquor bottle. Heard testified that she was not there when Depp’s fingertip was severed.

Heard testified that Johnny introduced Lily-Rose, now 22, to marijuana when she was 14, which made her feel “protective” of her (@S09IA/ Twitter)

After losing a libel case against a British newspaper that called him a “woman rapist”, Depp faces an uphill battle to recover his reputation. A London court ruled The Sun’s 2018 article was “substantially accurate” and that the father-of-two assaulted Heard a dozen times, putting her in danger three times. The old flames are finally reuniting in Fairfax County, Va., after long delays caused by the Covid outbreak.

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