‘American Idol’: Mike Parker slammed for promoting ‘racist’ country musician Morgan Wallen

“American Idol” fans were furious after watching the recently aired episode of the ABC singing competition show. The top 11 contestants of the season were given three song choices by the judges, and they could choose one of them and perform on it, in a bid to secure a spot in the top 10. Mike Parker, a budding country musician, immediately picked Morgan Wallen’s “Chasin’ You.”

While Mike’s choice might seem innocent enough, what triggered fans was the fact that moments before his performance he praised Luke Bryan for addressing the issue of racism in the country music industry. . So, fans found it very ironic that after giving an impassioned speech about racism, Mike decided to perform the song by disgraced country singer Morgan Wallen. Morgan made headlines last year after he was filmed casually saying the ‘N-word’. Fans were also upset with Luke for attributing the “racist” musician’s song to Mike, and the showrunners for continuing to promote Morgan’s music on the show.


Is ‘American Idol’ racist AND homophobic? Of course not, but it is possible that many people who watch it are!

Morgan Wallen may have apologized for using n-word, but labels and major radio networks have already let him down

You can watch Mike’s performance here:

One fan tweeted, “Why is #americanidol promoting racist Morgan Wallen? This is disgusting @ABCNetwork @AmericanIdol.” “Who greenlighted the judges choice for Mike Parker from a Morgan Wallen song….#AmericanIdol,” asked one fan. Another fan wondered, “Luke, how are you going to stand up for racism and discrimination in the industry and then choose a morgan wallen song. and for a black contestant. #AmericanIdol.” “#AmericanIdol is hell for making Mike P sing a Morgan Wallen song,” one fan observed.

American Idol Judge Luke Bryan (ABC)

Another fan shared, “#Americanidol Was anyone else shocked that after the ‘Racism in Country Music’ speech, Mike Parker sings a song by Morgan Wallen, who had big trouble after using the N-word after a night of drinking?” “Why as a black man Mike thought it was okay to sing a song by a racist…#americanidol,” one fan pointed out. “Mike just lost me picking a Morgan Wallen song on #AmericanIdol,” one fan said. “Mike talks about racism and then picks a song by racist Morgan Wallen, something’s not right #AmericanIdol,” one fan said. “Did Mike Parker really have a segment on ‘anti-racism in country music’ right before he sang a Morgan Wallen song?? Dafuq #americanidol,” one fan echoed. “Mike talked about racism in country music and sang a song about a guy being accused of being racist. That’s like saying you don’t support the KKK but you’ll iron their dresses. Do better @AmericanIdol #AmericanIdol “, suggested a fan.

Season 20 of “American Idol” airs every Sunday and Monday at 8/7 a.m. on ABC.

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