Cambridge University to create new music performance center

The CMP should open towards the end of the yearManuel Nägeli/Unsplash

The University of Cambridge has agreed to establish a Center for Music Performance (CMP) which will “transform the visibility, scale, ambition and scope of musical life in Cambridge”, it was announced yesterday (25 /03)

The Centre, headed by a new Director of Music Performance, will focus on diversity and outreach objectives. Celebrating music of all genres, as part of the University of Cambridge, it is hoped that it can soon seal the University’s position on the global music stage.

Anxious to offer all students a place for experimentation and innovation, the CMP should open its doors towards the end of the year. The new initiative’s website cites a mission to “support musical performance at all levels, in all genres, and for students of all subjects.”

In launching the new center, organizers also expressed the hope that it will help the recovery of the Physical University, while providing a means to improve student welfare. It was also confirmed that the CMP will work in tandem with the collegiate music system, reaching students from all colleges.

Addressing the announcement, Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Toope said: “At a time of unprecedented stress for the performing arts, I am proud that Cambridge is creating a new center for musical performance. »

He continues: “A sea change in the visibility, scope, scope and role of musical performance, it will nurture the highest aspirations of the best performers, in addition to providing a wonderful array of opportunities for those who had previously limited experience. In the long term, the Center will be a stimulus for interdisciplinarity, research excellence and comprehensive personal development. I am delighted to see CMP moving forward in Cambridge.

Faculty Music Council Chair and Professor of Music 1684 Katharine Ellis said, “The Faculty of Music is thrilled to see the new Center for Music Performance open. This new center will be a game-changer in supporting musicians across the University, from future professionals to those for whom music offers a valuable release from the stress of intensive studies.

She adds: “It will be a beacon for Cambridge’s already rich musical life and will allow students to access its variety more easily than ever before. We look forward to contributing to the success of the CMP.

The Center will also work with local schools in an outreach capacity, aiming to enrich the musical life of the University and the wider Cambridge community. It will strive to widen access to music education for prospective students from all backgrounds, highlighting Cambridge as the top choice for budding musicians.