Fans are loving future Scottish garage musician Andy Leech’s latest hit single, Strangers.

Fife, Scotland – 3 May 2022 – From an early age, soundscapes have been a hallmark of musician Andy Leech’s life. Growing up in the Scottish countryside, the vastness and silence of the wild landscape mixed with a limited population led him to the passion that would define his future, music. Now, 11 years after the accident that led him to become one of Scotland’s most popular ambient and downtempo electronic music artists, Leech has released his latest inspirational single, Strangers.

Throughout his life, Leech has had a push-pull relationship with technology. Originally drawn to the guitar, an accident resulting in a severe broken arm forced him to explore new ways of making music. Electronic music gave Leech the creative freedom to bring his vision and inspiration to life. The same technology that gave him the ultimate creativity nearly crippled the young musician’s life with the overwhelming lure of social media. Wasting hours of her day checking likes, comments, and streams began to cripple not only her time, but her ability to create. In 2018, he made the dramatic decision to quit social media and delete all of his accounts. Rather than disconnecting him from fans and opportunity, the move allowed Leech to connect with himself and draw inspiration from the natural world around him, a decision that fans rewarded him for. In recent years, Leech has made a slow comeback to social media, only using it consciously and deliberately.

“My music is very inspired by my favorite places in nature,” says Leech. “Although I have a studio full of technology at home that allows me to polish and work on larger projects, I find that I am most creative when exploring the natural world around me. I love dark forests and the parks that surround me. It is this overall soundscape of nature that I bring to my work. My music, like the forest, is clean, ethereal and melodic with dark, gritty sounds for texture. additional.

Strangers launched in March 2022 and quickly became a fan favorite. With millions of streams and hundreds of rave reviews, the song is rapidly rising up the charts. Inspired by a fusion of R&B and underground UK Garage, the nearly five-minute song is upbeat, enveloping, rhythmic and emotionally charged.

Strangers is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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