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Add songs to spotify playlist

Promoting Spotify music has become one of the main aspects for music artists, as the platform keeps growing and artists find it difficult to gain exposure. Find Music Box understands the needs of every rising music artist in the industry as well as on this platform. The agency has come up with a beneficial aspect of playlist promotion that gets more stars from expert-curated playlists. Playlist promotion is quite successful when it comes to grabbing the attention of a relevant listener base. There are millions of playlists on Spotify and finding the right one can be tricky.

There is no need to count the budget for playlist promotion because Find Music Box offers the playlist service absolutely free. Getting a free music promotion service can be a career changer for an up-and-coming artist trying to break into the music industry. Music artist can easily add songs to Spotify playlist through the official website of this platform. There are different types of playlists available, mainly based on the genre and style of music. There are several genres and subgenres that could be noticed such as Pop, Rock, Indie Alternative, RnB & Soul, Ambient Music, Techno, World Music, Hip-hop and Rap and the list goes on. Music artists can easily find a suitable curated playlist on their own to get featured, which delivers relevant and loyal listeners. It not only helps to increase the number of listeners but also the number of subscribers.

Music artists can add their tracks to playlists by clicking the unlock button and filling out the submission form. The playlist will automatically unlock, allowing artists to be featured for their songs. However, the artist must first follow the playlist in order to be part of curated playlists such as Mood Booster, Summer Vibes, Kingdom of Music, Music is My Life and many more. Find Music Box strives to offer organic streams through those playlists that have a large number of monthly listeners. It is the best way to connect and spread musical talent across the world through the right relevant playlist. Promoting the playlist might be free on this platform, but it definitely offers a golden opportunity to go viral. The track stays in the playlist for about two months and in this span of time the musical artists are able to gain huge amount of listeners and organic popularity. Online engagement and web traffic is an added bonus that helps increase visibility.

Find Music Box also offers the option to become a playlist curator for active playlist creators. Creators who have at least 5000+ monthly listeners can apply to become a curator on the platform. There is a simple submission form provided on the website that creators must complete in order to be featured to curate songs. The agency empowers all types of musical artists on Spotify.

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Find Music Box has become a favorite platform for many music artists on Spotify as it offers absolutely free playlist promotion services. Artists can submit their tracks to relevant playlists without spending a single penny.

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