Help Musicians launches new mental health charity for musicians – Music News

Help Musicians has registered Music Minds Matter as a single purpose charity, set up and supported by Help Musicians, to support the mental health of all those working in music across the UK. This year, the listening service (an element of the expanded support offer) saw a 30% increase in calls, signaling a continued and growing need for increased mental health support. The creation of the new charity will mean that all mental health fundraising revenue generated by the charity will be dedicated solely to improving mental health.

Music Minds Matter’s first board of directors, announced today, represents a diverse set of skills and experience in the music industry. They will provide insight and direction to raise awareness across the music industry and help improve access to needed mental health support. Silvia Montello, CEO of the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) and current administrator of Help Musicians, was announced as the first president of Music Minds Matter.

The new board will consist of: Gareth Mellor, Global Head of B2B Marketing, FUGA; Juliette Edwards, Deputy Director of People, Talent and Wellbeing, PPL; Maria Wray, Director of Human Resources, United Talent Agency; Melanie Johnson, Head of Investor Services, Utopia Music; Paul Firth, Global Director of Amazon Music, and Reni Adadevoh, Senior Vice President, Legal and Business Affairs, Warner Music International. Jim Benner, one of the current directors of Help Musicians, will also sit on the new board.

On this World Mental Health Day (Monday, October 10), Music Minds Matter will bring together important music industry influencers to lead a discussion on best practices in mental health support and how to spark positive changes. “Mental Health in Music: Leading Positive Change” will take place at Abbey Road Studio 2.

Music Minds Matter was established in 2017 as a 24/7 mental health helpline for anyone working in music across the UK. Comprehensive music-focused mental health guidance website, Music Minds Matter Explore. Registering Music Minds Matter as a subsidiary charity gives it the best of both worlds – the support of Help Musicians and, as it goes, the single focus of a separate charity with its own Board of Directors providing strategic leadership; and ensure that all revenue raised is directed solely towards the charity’s mental health mission.

James Ainscough, Managing Director of Help Musicians, said: “Since launching Music Minds Matter in 2017, we have seen the need for mental health support continue to grow year on year. Musicians and those who work in music have gone through an incredibly difficult time during the pandemic. And, unfortunately, getting out the other side proves just as difficult, if not more so. So now is the time to start Music Minds Matter as a single-purpose charity. With the full support of the Help Musicians team and resources, the Music Minds Matter Board will have the freedom to advance our work on mental health, so that we can reach more people who need our support and establish a vital partnership through music. industry. Silvia and the new Board of Directors bring the wealth of knowledge, understanding and passion needed to guide Music Minds Matter through this exciting new phase and I look forward to working with them.

Silvia Montello, CEO of AFEM and President of Music Minds Matter, said: “Having worked in music for my entire career, I have sadly seen and experienced firsthand the devastating impact on mental health of too many great colleagues, friends and artists. Music brings such joy to so many people; we must ensure that no one involved in creating and sharing within the music-loving community suffers the effects of stressful, unhealthy livelihoods and often precarious, and be able to share this joy and flourish in daily endeavors.”