Kanye Abandoned by Fellow Musician Johnny Depp’s Lawyer—Goodbye Legal Counsel After Doing This!

Kanye West’s working relationship with Johnny Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, ended almost as quickly as it began.

After Kanye doubled and tripled his anti-Semitic rants over the weekend, Camille reportedly informed her company, Brown Rudnick, that she would no longer be working with Kanye.

Brown Rudnick reportedly tried to collaborate with Kanye, but only on the condition that he publicly recant his anti-Semitic and hateful remarks.

According to TMZ sources, Kanye refused and fired Brown Rudnick. Kanye hired Camille and company last week to run his business.

The law firm was not involved in the divorce proceedings between him and Kim Kardashian.

When it comes to Kanye, the spotlight is currently on Adidas and the billion-dollar alliance the two companies have formed with his Yeezy shoe line.

Many people are frustrated with Adidas’ inability to repudiate Kanye’s statements and their prolonged connection.

Following Kanye West’s recent anti-Semitic remarks, the MRC said Monday (October 24) that it would not release a full documentary about him. MRC has revealed that after consultation with filmmakers and distribution partners, the company has decided not to distribute the recently completed Kanye West documentary as they cannot find it in them to approve any content that bolsters its platform. form.

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The move by MRC, the former publisher of Billboard, follows an op-ed in the Financial Times last week by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel urging West’s business partners to stop working with him. Emanuel went on to state that West isn’t just anybody; he is a global pop culture icon with millions of fans. Among them are young people whose perspectives are still being worked out.

Therefore, it is imperative that we all speak up. Hatred and anti-Semitism have no place in American culture, he said. On Sunday, Jeremy Zimmer, the CEO of UTA, also sent a note to his colleagues asking them to “please support the boycott of Kanye West”.

Along with announcing their decision to suspend West’s documentary, MRC leaders urged others to disassociate themselves from the celebrity or reject his views.

“The silence from leaders and corporations regarding Kanye or anti-Semitism in general is appalling but not surprising,” their statement read. “Why is a group that has always been brave and wholehearted in its fight against anti-Semitism so quiet on Kanye?”

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