KGF Musician Great added value in Sasanasabha

Delighted musician Basrur is currently working on the all-India political thriller ‘Sasanasabha’ after completing his work with KGF. He will perform his signature songs for the ambitious film, which will also have upbeat background music. In order to meet the demands of audiences across India, music director Rav Basrur and director Venu Madikanti worked tirelessly on the score.

This film is heavily funded by Thulasi ram Sappani and Shanmugam Sappani through Sapbro Production Pvt Ltd. The amount of music produced is staggering. The music and the re-recording by ravi Basrur are superb. He produces moving and impactful work for “Sasanasabha” after gangster action drama like “KGF”. His BGM for our movie’s Motion poster has already won over audiences, according to producer Shanmugam Sappani.

In other words, the central supports of the Indian film “Sasanasabha” are the music and the re-recording of ravi Basrur. Four huge songs will be in the movie. mangli sings a hot song about Hebah Patel. mangli and ravi Basrur have never worked together before. We anticipate this song to be electrifying. The cast of the film includes Indra Sena, Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni, Rajendra Prasad, Sonia Agarwal, Prudhviraj, “Jabardasth” Apparao, Anish Kuruvilla and Amit. The story of the film was written by raghavendra Reddy. Krishna Murali’s cinematography will be of the highest caliber.