Launch of the Susan J. Smith Fund for Musical Performance

Girton College is pleased to announce that a new music fund has been established. It is named after Professor Susan J. Smith in recognition of her tenure as Mistress (2009 – 2022) as well as her significant contribution and promotion of all forms of music at the College. The musical life of the College has been greatly enriched by his passionate support of his musical achievements, as well as by his own occasional, lively and accomplished contributions. Few in attendance will forget the sight of Susan effortlessly transitioning from chairing an event to performing on the euphonium.

This fund will be used to support the performance of music at all levels by the widest possible range of College members. The first priority will be to support musical creation by and for Girton undergraduate and postgraduate students. Other priorities will be to allow high-level musicians, particularly graduates, to perform for members of the College and to support the activities of the College’s musicians in residence. This will both build on Girton’s strong tradition of musical creation at the highest level and allow all Girtonians with a musical vocation to continue to develop as performers. We hope the fund will enable many more students to make music a central part of their College life, as Susan has done.

Dr Martin Ennis, Director of Music at Girton:

“With its very active music society and award-winning choir, Girton has a long tradition of high-level musical creation. Additionally, many alumni have gone on to significant careers in opera, concert music, church music, and musical theater (as well as in academia, teaching, arts administration, and broadcasting). The main objective of the new fund will be to support this tradition while allowing new initiatives to take root and flourish. With three official Fellows and two Bye-Fellows in Music and our three Musicians in Residence, Girton is already one of the University’s largest colleges of music. With your help, we can secure and develop this glorious tradition. It’s hard to think of a more fitting way to celebrate all that Susan has done for the College over the past thirteen years.

Professor Susan J. Smith, Mistress:

“Girton is already a great place to study because there is so much music in the air. However, the Music Performance Fund will provide new opportunities for people – like me, like many – for whom listening is not enough; whose entire life is enriched by the fun, the challenge, the pure joy of creating and making music of all kinds.”

The College hopes to raise £250,000 in initial support for the fund, which will enable it to enrich the student experience, support wellbeing and encourage students of all levels and types of experience to embrace and enjoy musical performance.

  • The Susan J. Smith Fund for Musical Performance is one of the fundraising initiatives featured on Giving Day 2022 which runs from October 10-11, 2022.
  • You can support this fund ahead of Giving Day online here: Susan J. Smith Fund for Music Performance