Local musician launches social media challenge to shine a light on violence and addiction in town

A new challenge is taking off on social media and a local hip-hop artist says he created it to save young lives.

Vinte “Arsin” Clemons is using his platform as a musician and activist to inspire young people and spread peace and positivity after saying he lost 52 of his friends to violence.

“I wanted to use it as a tool to hold other artists accountable for their voice in culture,” Arsin said. “It’s all about social media. Drilling is a movement. Drilling music, people killing each other, and I’m not against trauma, pain, aggression because that’s what hip hop, but I feel like what’s missing is the moral.”

The goal of the “Pray for Philly Challenge” (#PRAYFORPHILLYCHALLENGE) is to get other artists to use their words as a weapon against gun violence and violent music, which some say poisons young people.

In the two weeks since the social media trend launched, 43 artists have signed up to raise awareness of the violence and addiction that is eating up the city.

One artist, known as ‘Sista Keilana’ on Instagram, has joined the challenge by posting a video of her new song, which details the everyday violence our youth are vulnerable to.

“So we blick and we play with the children, but who is going to pray for the children, make a way for the children. 100 shots in broad daylight, killing children every day,” said Sista Keilana.

Arsin says young people are victimized on the streets because of trauma and lack of resources. He also says social media is a big promoter of violence in the city because all it does is “encourage it”.

He hopes the challenge will grow for good on social media and help save lives. Arsin calls singers, rappers, activists, poets, etc. to spread their message using the hashtag.

“I want people to have options. I want young men to have options,” Arsin said.

To participate in the #PRAYFORPHILLYCHALLENGE, click here. You can get information about Arsin’s Mentorship and Leadership Foundation here.