Louie Roa on the struggles, music career and disappearance of his children – Manila Bulletin

Louie Roa, singer-songwriter, songwriter and producer based in Portland, Oregon, is about to do just that.

Nicknamed the “Fil-Am Concert King of Oregon”, Louie has seven successful solo concerts in Oregon and two in the Philippines to his credit. On March 5, he just wrapped up a sold-out show with Filipino queen of soul Jaya. Louie, son of Vicente Royo Roa and Mena Rio Hechanova, is the pride of Cambalo, Cajidiocan, Romblon.

“I have 11 brothers and sisters. I witnessed my parents’ struggles to put food on our table. They have to work twice as hard to feed us since we are one big family,” Louie said.

His first album is still in preparation. He did his original compositions “Ikaw Na Talaga” and “Sabi Nila” with former “ProvinXiano Band”, “Pain”, “Aasa Ka Pa Ba”, Gusto Lang Naman Kita” and “Simple Lang” with “Keys Band “. He recorded his first single “Aasa Ka Pa Ba” arranged by Lorrie Luster and “Pain” as a solo artist and is now on Spotify, ITunes and Apple Music!

Besides, he has also received awards such as Outstanding Performer of the Year 2021 – AmerAsia Awards, Outstanding Performer of the Year 2022 – Gawad Amerika Awards and Most Outstanding Podcast Host of the Year 2022 – AmerAsia Awards.

Currently, Louie hosts his own online radio show “Friday Nights With Kuya Louie” and “Kumusta Kabayan” with Sarah Balabagan through PHLV Radio. More about this upcoming singer:

What made you realize that music was your path?

“So far, I still don’t think music is my path. Yes, I was given the chance to sing and act, but at the end of the day, I still have a steady job to pick up. A job that pays 90% of my bills. I would probably consider music my way if I could pay all my bills with it. Ha ha.

Is there a particular moment in your musical career that you are most proud of?

“My concert with Jaya. Certainly the most incredible sensation in the world. Something I will always cherish. I am forever grateful to him, Miss Jaya, Angela Arevalo, Lorelei Hosmillo, Kuya Joven Susi and my family.”

What’s the best advice another musician has ever given you?

“Just keep singing and keep loving and improving my craft. If you love what you do, everything becomes simple and above all, you are happy”.

Do you follow a process or a ritual before a performance?

“Not really, but someone told me to put a coin in my shoes before the show, especially when I’m feeling nervous. Normally I pray, concentrate and enjoy the ride”.

Tell us about your latest single?
“I have two original songs, ‘Aasa Ka Pa Ba’ and ‘Pain’, which are now on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes and other digital music platforms. I will be releasing my third single soon.”

Owhat are your musical influences?

“The King Martin Nievera concert and of course Mr. Pure Energy, Gary V. I also love Bruno Mars, Calum Scott, Ed Sheeran and more. Of course my Pareng Rudy Caraos, who has always believed in me”.

How do you balance your time in work, family and singing career?

“It’s so hard, but if you love what you’re doing, you’ll find the time to do it. Sometimes I felt guilty that I couldn’t be with my kids on the weekends or when I’m out of town, but I always make it a point to do something with them when I’m home. Management of time”.

How do you energize the audience if they look bored?

“I think it’s a very difficult thing to do, especially with Pinoy audiences, but I’ve learned through my experiences that singing a song they know, talking to them, cracking jokes that will make them laugh or invite them to sing with me, it works”.

If it wasn’t a music career, what would you be doing?

“I will manage a restaurant, a bar or a hotel. I’ve always loved the hospitality industry, so yes, I’ll be in that industry.”

Projects for 2022?

“Take out my CD and share my music with our kababayans”.

Given these unusual Covid-19 times, how have you adapted to these times?

“I just try to live day to day. Appreciate all the things that happen to me and my career, and show love to my family and friends and everyone I meet.”