Manorhamilton girl shortlisted for best solo musician in Tenerife

Manorhamilton’s Saoirse Cummins has been nominated as the best solo musician in Tenerife, after just nine months of giving up everything in Leitrim and chasing her dream!

Saoirse had planned to move to Tenerife in April 2020 but due to Covid she was only able to move to the Canary Islands in January 2022.
Saoirse worked at a nursery in Manorhamilton and has only just completed her LEVEL 5 childcare but has always had another passion – despite only playing once every six months .
Saoirse explained that her family used to vacation in Tenerife and when she was 18 she brought her guitar and one of the bars let her sing for 30 minutes – she is fell in love and dreamed of coming back as a musician for years.

Saoirse first trained on the piano as a child but didn’t like the notation system so switched to guitar, but as a left-hander it was harder to learn and her tutor told her to do not continue!
But the determined lady didn’t give up, at age 15 she bought a ukulele and learned to play before switching to guitar and learning to play, sing and write music!
Now she performs with her guitar and pedal, singing classics from all decades.
When Saoirse moved to Tenerife she was doing 14 gigs a week, but this workload caused her to fall ill. So she cut her expenses and works around nine gigs a week in three different venues.
Saoirse told the Leitrim Observer that the island is perfect for budding musicians as there are plenty of bars and clubs looking for entertainment, Saoirse plays a mix of gigs in the afternoons and evenings. She said she felt like she was “living a dream”.
In just nine months, she made such a name for herself that she was nominated as Best Solo Musician at the Tenerife Entertainment Awards.

The nomination after such a short time on the circuit is extraordinary in itself.
Locals told him it was even “unheard of”.
Saoirse will face off against three other well-established musicians who have all had record deals for the prestigious title.
“It’s a far cry from changing nappies in Manorhamilton,” jokes Saoirse.
She is currently recording an original song with a friend which she hopes to release soon.
Saoirse plays a mix of original and covers at her concerts.
Saoirse’s parents will be supporting her for the Tenerife Entertainment Awards on Sunday October 16.
Saoirse knows she faces stiff competition that night, but either way she said the nomination was a huge boost for her career and she hopes it will propel her onto greater things. in the music industry.
We wish the 23-year-old good luck in Leitrim this weekend!