Musician Devin Brown’s Best Day in Austin

We recently caught up with Austin hip-hop artist Devin Brown, who just released the single “Malice at the Palace.”

Details: The love song, a mash-up of basketball, racing and fashion – and the tension between fantasy and reality – is told from the perspective of Deezie, Brown’s alter ego, a particularly shy artist and Formula 1 driver.

What he says : We asked Brown, who grew up in Bastrop and now lives near the Tesla Gigafactory — and not far from the Circuit of the Americas track — to describe his best day in Austin.

Tell us about your morning routine on a gig day.

“I have a pre-show breakfast, super light. I get my kolaches at La Grange at Weikel’s in packets of 24 – sausage and cheese – and I’ll take one out of the freezer.”

How do you spend your day?

“I head to the Buffalo Exchange on Guadalupe. I’m a thrifty, and the clothes I find I turn into things my characters wear.”

What drew you to Guadalupe?

“Before I became a full-time artist, I worked as a postman at the post office in this area.”

How about having lunch?

“I’m heading to Arlo’s. I’m from the countryside and used to steaks and big burgers and stuff – never thought I’d do the plant-based thing. I love their bac’n cheeseburger.”

An activity before performing?

“I’m headed to Breakaway Records on North Loop. I’m a sampler and as a musician I’m always on the lookout for records with cool artwork, especially on the road.”

Where do you like to play?

“As a hip-hop artist, you never know what to expect, and I can get a little nervous, but C-Boy’s always made me feel at home.”

A bite after the concert?

“One of my favorite dishes for me and my daughter is Home Slice. I’ll have the large pepperoni, with the huge pizza box.”