Musician Reezy Runa plans to release a new album this year

MUMBAI: After the huge success of the debut album “Backend Business” under Marquee Music Group at the end of 2019, musical artist Reezy Runa is once again ready to surprise his fans with a brand new album this year.

Born March 6, 1992 and raised in Gaffney SC, Reezy has had his fair share of obstacles he has faced, from inner city violence to the death of his best friends, to being homeless and beat the odds when things stacked against him. But since they where there’s a will, there’s a way, Reezy’s album ‘Backend Business’ had set a music industry benchmark with over 11,000 Spotify plays in the first week. from its release itself and since then has played an important role in building the pop and hip-hop music movement around the world.

Reezy, who is the most elusive musician of the era, says, “I will release my new album this year and it will be a treat for all music lovers with a healthy experience. I just take my time and perfect the craft. Creative work always takes time so as soon as it’s ready, we’ll release it with a bang.

The singer has also released a few singles named FMW ft Mondoe 2xx and Wait ft Quality Control musical artist Duke Deuce, Rich Before Rap, and recently he released his new single Vegan.