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Christian Scheller is a local Ogden musician who grew up making music in the Ogden Valley. Scheller plays the guitar, but his favorite instrument: his voice. “If I could just focus on that and have people play with me, I would do it in a heartbeat,” he says.

Scheller says he’s been a musician all his life, but started gigging when he was 14. A favorite local Ogden band helped get him started. Scheller worked at a local restaurant where Che Zuro played. “She knew I had just started guitar lessons,” he recalls. “She pulled me up on stage during one of her breaks and had me play the two songs I knew, then invited me to play a farmers market.” Zuro said he could keep performing, but the problem was that he had to learn two new songs before each performance.

Scheller says the experience helped him build his set list and his first paid gig was for a business owner who saw him perform at the farmers market. “I quit my dishwasher job and started music about a month later,” Scheller says.

“I wouldn’t be a musician without the Ogden community. Che Zuro [lit my] first spark, Scotty Haze and Korene Greenwood were inviting me to play with them and helping me gain confidence, and currently The Proper Way, or more specifically Shane Osguthorpe, inspired me to record and release my first EP” , Scheller says.

Scheller has recorded and sung everything from country and rock to R&B, soul and pop. His favorite, he says, is somewhere between folk/Americana and soul. “[I just love] making music,” he says. “There’s something so fun and magical about getting together with a group of friends and creating something new and cool, it’s my biggest driver.”

In the coming months, Scheller will release his first EP. He says, “[It] features a ton of Ogden musicians: Scott Rogers, Shane Osguthorpe, ZaZa Vandyke, Mike Mudd, Ryan Hawthorn and Randy Pasley. I know I might be a little biased, but I think it’s pure magic.

Don’t miss Scheller’s EP, coming soon to, and follow him on Instagram (@fruityasfolk)


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