Sudbury musician Ed Landry releases his new album Forteresse

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Local French-speaking singer Edouard Landry is launching a new album with a concert this Friday at Place Des Arts.

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“There is a poem by Robert Dickson, the famous Franco-Ontarian author, that explains how to live like a poet,” says a press release promoting the new recording, titled Fortress. “A little advice is to feel it when the band gets in on it. That feeling is definitely there when you listen to Ed Landry’s new album.

The album features a singer-songwriter “who is clearly leading a band,” the statement said. “His crew is tight and shiny with an infectious vitality you feel in your gut.”

Forteresse is described as “energizing music that is meant to befriend everyday life, rather than skim through it. The general attitude is a measured sense of confidence in one’s ability to face life’s challenges. Part of that comes from lessons learned in times of social distancing, about who we are, what belongs to us and what doesn’t.

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The first songs (Quarantine, Rappel) lay the groundwork with “driving rock beats, shimmering electric guitar stabs and shaking organ riffs,” according to the release. “Next is a country-sounding piece (Timer) on the accordion that somehow seems perfectly in place with the rock that precedes it. Later in the album, there are heartwarming fiddle (Fortress) and steel guitar (La fin des terres) phrases in compositions with rhythms that get a bit more complex, but stay squarely in the groove of the song. ‘album.

Altogether, Fortress “features a rich palette of sounds that organically hold together,” the release said. “It’s a carefully crafted studio recording that captures the feeling of live music. That’s what can happen when an accomplished singer-songwriter hits the studio with accomplished musician friends.

The official launch date for Fortress is this Wednesday (November 16). An album launch concert with a full band will take place two days later, Friday, November 18 at 8 p.m. at Place des Arts, at Studio Desjardins.

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