Ted Nugent says his recent tour was “every musician’s dream”

Ted Nugent recently joined an interview with the Nightly Nuge in which he talked about his latest tour. Nugent expressed his satisfaction, describing the tour as what every musical artist dreams of achieving.

The rocker embarked on a solo career in 1975 with his self-titled album after disbanding the Amboy Dukes. Then, after working with supergroup Damn Yankees for a while, he refocused on his solo career in the mid-90s. He released his top-rated album, ‘spirit of nature,’ during this period.

Besides his activism and television appearances, he continued to meet his fans with new solo tracks such as “Love Grenade” and “Shutup & Jam!” He released his fifteenth studio album “The Music Made Me Do It” in 2018, featuring drummer Jason Hartless.

After four years, the singer has thrilled his fans with a new album titled ‘muscle strait‘ in 2022. He also announced that he would hit the road for a promotional tour. The Detroit Muscle Tour kicked off July 15 in Clearwater, and Nugent shared live that it was the best tour he’s ever been on.

Recently, the singer expressed his gratitude to the fans who enthusiastically and enthusiastically contributed to the tour. Nugent said the dancing and the delight of the audience was what made this tour so special. He mentioned that he had been through something every musician dreamed and thanked all his fans for contributing.

Ted Nugent said the following about his last tour:

“Thank you, music lovers. The comebacks, the visceral spiritual reciprocity, the girls, the dancing skinny girls that make me want to play sexy licks, and then the guys, the pumping fists, the smiles and the shiny eyes. It was just every musician’s dream every night. I thank everyone for the inspiration and unified common celebration of my music. It’s Detroit Muscle by Ted Nugent.

You can check out the album below.