Traversing Ideological Dimensions – On Land Music Performance Artist Ms. Fu Chengjin

Only by pursuing individual freedom and the truth of the world can one realize one’s personal value and meaning. All people are multiple. When words such as innovative, rational, thoughtful and logical become the labels of our understanding, Ms. Fu Chengjin, an avant-garde versatile artist and a famous earth music performance artist, we find depth and energy released by his works. all the more moving.

The fact that Ms. Fu Chengjin was able to move from the sole art of music to diversified art forms was due to two periods in her life. With a passion for music and experience learning music since childhood, she is a huge fan of John Winston Lennon and was introduced to performance art through Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono. Lennon. She then studied at Michigan State University and Kent State University in the United States. During her university studies, she studied the fields of music, performance art and piano literature. At the same time, endowed with a dynamic personality, she has participated in many contemporary artistic achievements and has demonstrated a lively spirit and an exceptional ability to accept ideas and creativity. In her spare time, she frequents major museums and galleries. At the Dia Beacon and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, she met master land artist Michael Heizer, who could be credited as the person who got her to start thinking about incorporating music composition into land art. Touched and nurtured by the Western artistic atmosphere, her knowledge of music and art was completely reshaped by her experience in the United States. She constantly updated her storehouse of artistic knowledge, which became the cultural background for her diverse creation of cross-media terrestrial music performance art. Since then, she has embarked on a road of honor and achieved remarkable achievements in the fields of music and art, winning numerous awards and honors from major artistic institutions in France, Italy, the United States United States, Japan, etc.

Ms. Fu Chengjin has created many outstanding works of earthly musical performance art with her unique wisdom, new awareness of innovation, and distinct form of artistic expression. To this day, she is one of the few exemplary artists specializing in transversal artistic behaviors. Not only crossing the boundaries of different fields, she also embraced multiple artistic elements, that is, she seamlessly integrated music, land art and performance art to create art of land music performance, incorporating musical elements into land performance art and showcasing land performance art. in music. A series of his works including “Desert”, “Ruins” and “Paradise” perfectly embody this new concept of artistic creation.

His artistic thinking, artistic concept and innovative art form have enabled him to see beyond the here and now and into the future, beyond the individual and the collective, broadening both his horizon and its artistic style. In his work “Desert”, the desert scene, the renderings of crowd behavior and the sad music of the piano floating in the air were presented. And this technique of artistic expression blending and complementing behaviors and music has been applied to tell people that the seasonal cycle and growth of all things remains unchanged and consistent despite human misery. It was only when I stopped that I clearly realized the unstoppable force of nature, as well as the fragility of the human being and the helplessness of the individual. The theme of the work was a warning to people that nature should be respected and revered and the ecological environment in which we live should be protected.

A sense of breadth and expanse is characteristic of Ms. Fu Chengjin’s artistic concept, who is more concerned with others than herself, more concerned with the fate of mankind than her personal feelings. This artistic concept was vividly expressed in her work “Ruins”, where she combined life and death, love and hate, longing and tenderness, failure and hope with deep spirit. philosophical as metaphors for various behaviors of human society. Through this work, she told people with a clear attitude: “Art is a beam of light in dark times and the common home for the spiritual comfort of mankind”.

Ms. Fu Chengjin, a famous earth music performance artist, has completed the dimensional transformation of self to others and humanity, and as a result, her diverse artistic trajectory has shifted from inner to outer, small to small. tall, and from narrow to infinity. Her artistic accomplishments and accomplishments set her apart from other contemporary artists.

– Chen Zhiyin, author

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